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Let Us Start the Eviction Process for you today, getting your property back. We serve all of Miami-Dade delivering Eviction Notices in Florida. Our professional staff will make sure it gets done right.

Consult with us today and find out why more Florida landlords are trusting Eviction Miami Dade and the NX LVL Realty legal team to handle all their eviction needs.  We are a full real estate brokerage with a staff of in-house attorneys. We have the best solution for your tenant problems in the Miami Metro area. 

Using an eviction attorney in Miami or one of our specialists is the safest and best way to solve your tenant problems. We can help you with the eviction process and save you valuable time and money in the long run. This can be complicated so you do need some very important things. You have to know the system, the psychology of dealing with the tenant and exactly how to handle the process of an eviction in Florida.  Get any of this wrong and it will either blow up in your face or cause you a lot of problems down the road.  All evictions are being handled by NXT LVL Realty. A professional Florida real estate organization with years of experience in property management and are experts in all aspects of real estate and doing evictions. You are in good hands and can be confident that your property will have the best representation in the Miami area possible, by a friendly professional staff working for you. We have a real estate attorney available for any situation that requires one, so be assured we will get your rent or house back,save you money and the problems of dealing with the legal system and your non paying tenants.

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 Need an Eviction Attorney in Miami, Miami-Dade Florida? 

We understand all of these issues, we are legal professionals. As an eviction attorney, we have years of experience in dealing with tenants and doing evictions. We know how to get the rent or determine if the tenant is just playing games and is trying to stay as long as possible and not pay rent. We can deliver a formal Eviction Notice and the tenant recognizes that now they are dealing with professionals and not the landlord.

Eviction Notice Miami & Miami Dade County

Once they see you have hired a 3rd party to handle the situation they know you are serious and all the games come to an end. They know they have to either pay the rent, move out or get evicted. But occasionally you will have one of those stubborn tenants that do not want to move that’s when you really need us. We understand the law and exactly how to proceed to get your tenant evicted from the property. The courts have very clear instructions on how to perform an eviction and if you get this wrong when you go to court your tenant could actually get you to pay for his legal fees. To avoid any problems by letting us handle the eviction. Don’t waste any more time and losing money.  Let us help you to get your rent or your house back.

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When Do You Need an Eviction Attorney Miami or Miami-Dade County

If your renter is not paying the rent you need to get started now!  With your property located in Miami Dade county and you need to evict someone our experience is your best choice so let us handle it for you.  Stop loosing money every month because your renters are not paying the rent.  Don’t wait any longer you need to take action, call us for a free consultation on how we can help you.  Call 305-967-8159 The attorneys in our offices have years of successfully cases executing tenant eviction and getting your house back. If you are still thinking of doing the court case yourself consider hiring us as your attorney and make sure the eviction gets done right the first time.

Eviction Attorney Miami Article in the Miami Herald

We are in the Miami Herald

Do you understand all the legal requirements to do an eviction?  If not you may want to watch the video above and see why you should consider hiring us as an agent to represent you in a court of law.

Where Do You File for an Eviction Miami

In Miami-Dade County for the Miami area, the 5 location where your court case will be heard and your case must be filed in one of these local district courts.  From the list below see which eviction court is closest to you.  There are 5 full-service district courts and 2 courts with limited services to serve the public and their attorneys.

All the courts should handle eviction services.

Evictions in Miami: The Eviction Notice sent for You

Let us send the proper “Eviction Notice” for you, to get your tenant out and doing the right way.  We can also send a notice that will demand the rent if you want them to stay but pay.  We are very successful in this as an eviction notice coming from a third party is much more effective than from you, because now they really know you are serious. If you are a landlord, do you know the legal system well enough to assure that you will have a successful eviction before the courts? The major problem in the Florida court system is that if you, the landlord, lose you have to pay the tenant’s attorney fees.  You better make sure you have all your ducks in a row and have every “i” dotted and every “t” crossed, otherwise it could be a very expensive proposition. Not only will you have to start the process over again losing more rent and having to file again, those legal fees you should have used to pay for you own agent to help you, instead of paying the tenant’s attorney. This money could have gone to get your house back on the marketing for a new lessee.

Best Eviction Lawyer in Miami

Getting the Delinquent Renters Out of Your House


Now that you understand what you are going to face in court or perhaps you have already had that bad experience it’s time to get an experienced agent on your side to successfully prosecute the eviction for you. Send Us a Message on Your Right… we will get back to you the same day.

Florida Eviction Process: We Get Results


The successful execution of a tenant eviction lawsuit is assured by our legal team.  The law is on your side, but the successful prosecution of that law in many cases can be daunting.  There are many, what may seem minor issues, that come up in court that can actually derail your case.  By allowing us to be your agent for an eviction we’ll help you avoid the many pitfalls that you might otherwise succumb to.  Don’t wait any longer every day lost is money lost.  We can help.

Finding a Good Tenant is Your Post Eviction Priority


Now that you are a little wiser on the eviction process and letting the professionals handle it, you can spend your time finding a good renter to pay the lease instead of fighting a bad one. Those people do exist, don’t get discouraged.


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