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Has your tenant been late on rent payments? Has your tenant violated the lease agreement? If you need to evict your tenant because of non-payment of rent Cutler Bay Florida Eviction services are here to protect your precious investment. When the tenant starts to give you a hard time, the simplest solution is the seek out the right representation for assistance. Both Florida eviction attorneys, as well as real estate professionals, can handle eviction cases in the state of Florida. Hiring a Cutler Bay, FL real estate attorney will provide you with relief through the entire eviction process by saving you from a few tenant-caused headaches, as well as saving you some serious money.

What laws can be applied to your situation, and understanding how these laws work is key to evicting a tenant from your property. To successfully evict a tenant in Florida, you should first:

  • Have a basic understanding of Florida real estate law
  • Know the different kinds of tenants, tenants rights, and how to address these different kinds of tenants
  • Understand what goes into successfully evicting a tenant from a Cutler Bay Florida home

When it comes to evicting a tenant, making the wrong move can cost more money as time goes on. In the Florida Court, if a landlord is unsuccessful in evicting a tenant, then the landlord might be liable for paying the tenant’s legal fees.

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Florida Real estate firm and real estate attorneys have years of experience in successfully evicting tenants in the Cutler Bay, FL area. Working with NXT LVL Realty can give you peace of mind knowing that you’re being represented by the best in the business. We have a professional and knowledgeable staff of real estate professionals, as well as real estate attorneys, that are devoted to you, and committed to getting the results you want out of your eviction case. Our team takes great pride in the success we’ve achieved in getting our clients property back, or getting the client the money they deserve, in as timely a manner as possible.


Need an Advocate to help evicting a tenant in Cutler Bay, Florida?

We understand the multitude of legal problems that can occur during the process of evicting a tenant. We’ve been performing evictions in Cutler Bay for years, therefore, we’ve seen just about any kind of tenant imaginable. No matter the results you want out of your eviction case, we are here to help you.


We provide your tenant with any eviction notices directly. From our experiences, when a tenant receives a notice from a third-party, they know that the landlord is done being nice. When this occurs, most reasonable tenants begin to realize that they must make a choice: Pay the landlord their rent money, find another place to live, or get evicted, and face the consequences that comes along with that. Sometimes though, the tenant will be difficult and will refuse to vacate no matter how nicely you ask them. That’s when it’s time to stop being nice, and hand the job over to us at NXT LVL REALTY


Not only do we understand real estate law, but we know exactly how to successfully get a tenant evicted from your property. The Florida Court system states that evictions should be performed very precisely and to their standards. If any of this process is left out, or executed incorrectly, then the property owner can find themselves paying the tenant’s legal fees, and being further denied rent money that they’re rightfully owed. Avoid this financial downfall by receiving the services of NXT LVL Realty


We Will Send Any Eviction Notice Needed For Your Cutler Bay, FL Eviction Case

Any sort of notice that must be sent to the tenant will be sent by us on your behalf. Our goal is to get the results you want out of your eviction case, and correctly, according to Florida laws. If you’d like to demand rent from the tenant instead of forcing them to vacate, we can assist you in that as well. Our job is to make sure that everything is complete and in order before your case is brought into a courtroom.


We at NXT LVL Realty Gets Results

Our staff of real estate professionals and attorneys will work to get you the money you are owed or return to you the control of your property. Since no landlord wants to evict a tenant for no good reason, then the law is on the landlord’s side in most eviction cases. If the law isn’t properly carried out, then the landlord could be paying out more money than they ever expected. Let our eviction attorneys help you evict a tenant from your Cutler Bay, Florida property.

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