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Are your tenants behind in rent or breaking the terms of your lease agreement? Do you have problem tenants that have become more of a liability than an asset and are they perpetually late in making rental payments.  Is your investment becoming hard to manage?  We at Realty World, the M Realty Group, are a team of professionals with in house attorneys and eviction specialist, that can turn this situation around and get your rent or your house back.

We provide eviction services to protect your investment by helping you collect the rent with one of our Eviction Notices or evicting  the tenants that are causing you problems through the Florida court system. Getting the correct representation to handle your eviction case is of singular importance. In the State of Florida, we not only have the top eviction attorneys but the law allows our real estate professionals to handle cases of eviction. When you hire a usDoral FL eviction attorney or an eviction agent will carefully handle the eviction process concerning your tenant(s). Getting the eviction case right the first time will allow you to save a considerable amount of time and money. To successfully evict a tenant, you must first have an understanding of Florida real estate law. Besides having knowledge in real estate law, you must also understand how a tenant gets successfully evicted, and what kind of tenant-landlord issues are grounds for eviction.

Getting the Eviction Right


If a landlord tries to evict a tenant and fails, then the landlord can be obligated to pay the legal fees of the tenant. Being successful in evicting the tenant will allow you to avoid paying any out any unnecessary money. Successfully evicting the tenant will grant you control of your property as well. NXT LVL Realty is a Florida real estate organization with years of experience dealing with evictions, property managing, as well as any other facet of real estate. Our team is composed of a professional, competent, and friendly staff of real estate professionals and attorneys who are available to you at any time of the day. Our entire team is devoted to getting you your property back, or the money you deserve, as fast as possible.


Need help evicting a Doral, FL tenant?


When evicting a tenant, NXT LVL REALTY understands that there are potential legal issues that can occur. After years of going through the eviction process, we can tell you with great confidence that we’ve seen every type of client possible. If you’d like the tenant to start paying on time, or you’d like them to vacate the property entirely, we know the right way to do it. We provide your tenant with eviction notices directly, including 3 Day Notices to Pay, 3 Day Notices to Vacate, and other various eviction letters. 


Once this notice has been received, the tenant will understand that your patience has run out and it’s time to solve this problem once and for all. Not only will this help the tenant to understand the gravity of the situation, but it could very well motivate them to make a choice right then and there: Get evicted, pay the rent, or find somewhere else to live. Not all tenants are reasonable, and some may insist that they won’t leave your property under any circumstances. When tenants respond like, that’s where our eviction services comes in and handles the problem.

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Our understanding of real estate law, paired with our understanding of what it takes to evict a tenant, makes us the perfect choice for the job. The Florida court system provides very strict laws that must be followed to the ‘T’ to successfully evict a tenant. If any of these steps are missed and the landlord is unsuccessful in evicting the tenant, then the landlord can be pressed to pay the legal fees of the tenant, and they must start the eviction process over from the start. Hire NXT LVL Realty to avoid any mistakes and failing to evict the tenant.


We Send Eviction Notices to your Doral, FL Tenant On Your Behalf

To help you get the point across that you’re serious to your tenant, NXT LVL Realty will send any eviction notices for you. Our goal is to get the results you want out of your eviction case correctly in the eyes of the law of Florida. If you’d like to demand payment from the tenant, instead of forcing them to vacate, we can assist you in that as well.

We will make sure that all the necessary documents and legal forms are presented to the court and that your eviction case has been delivered properly before a judge in the Dural court system.  You do not want to see the tenant allowed to continue to live in the property, so we make sure that everything necessary for a successful eviction is ready and done right. 

NXT LVL Realty takes great pride in assisting our clients with tenant eviction cases in Doral, FL. If your tenant has violated the lease agreement or hasn’t paid their rent, then you have a right to want them evicted. The only issue that comes with this is knowing how to properly evict the tenant.  So let us take over and get it done right and quickly. 


Whether you, the landlord, wants money rightfully owed, or you would like to take back control of your property again, our eviction services can help you.  So get started right now with Eviction Miami Dade and lets get your rental problem solved.

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