What does Florida eviction statute 83 say and how does it affect the landlord and the tenant.  You have to get this right or you can loose the eviction suit and pay the tenants attorney fees.

 Florida Statute 83

 ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS FOR AN EVICTION ACTION The following information is provided only to inform you of which documents must be filed, and the cost involved in a simple eviction case.  If you have questions, or if the case is complicated, you may wish to consult an attorney.  Please note that the Clerk and deputy clerk representatives are prohibited from giving legal advice.

Florida statutes allow landlords or their attorney to file the complaint.  It also allows an authorized agent, such as a property manager, to initiate an eviction proceeding; however, the agent may not take any additional action unless the agent is an attorney.
In almost all cases once you have evicted the tenant you are finished and get your house back.  On some occasions a tenant will resist and you must get a WRIT of Possession which we can do for you and only if there is an appeal will you need an attorney.  But at that time you can hire one of our highly recommend attorneys and still save a bundle of money.   Many people want to save money and do the eviction process themselves.  This is possible but in this video are some things about the law you should consider.   This will help you decide whether or not you can do it yourself or you will need to hire a good eviction agent or an attorney.   We recommend if this is your first time hire an agent like us to help you through the process. Attorneys are expensive and not necessary.  They will not help you learn the process if you want to but we will. You can go to court with us and see how the system works, we will show you the ropes.  Once you have done this you will understand the process and know if this is something you want to attempt on your own.  Also you can be assured that you will not make any costly mistakes and loose the case. Being informed is the majority of the battle. Once this is done and you gain the knowledge you need.  Get the best eviction agent  here…