Does a Tenant Owe You Rent in Fort Lauderdale?

You now have an Advocate that will help get your rent or property back. We have years of experience and are located in Fort Lauderdale for handling evictions for landlords that have tenants that are not paying the rent. I am sure you have heard it so many times, please wait I will give you the rent next week, or something similar.  Excuses don’t pay the mortgage does it. 

We know all to well the heart tugging stories that the tenant will tell you to get your sympathy and tug at your heart strings. Whether you have a house or mobile home the requirements are pretty much the same. is the place where are many people who reside in rented mobile homes or they lease a lot space. There have actually been a lot of cases where tenants refuse to leave the space or the leased mobile home even after not paying the rent. The law allows the landlord to take action where he can force the renter out by going to court and following due process. So exactly what is the proper action in such a condition?

  • If the lessee were actually not able to pay the rental fee on the first of the month the landlord should give the tenant a notice to vacate to pay the rent as quickly as possible.


  • The owner is still not allowed to force out the lessee until they have gone to the Justice of the Peace and received a judgment.

What to do?  Honor Arrangements

  • The eviction notice should not differ from the contract so see to it that the lessee has passed the agreed to time period to pay rent.
  • The management is not permitted to cut off any kind of utility service as it is protected by the law and must take the tenant to the eviction courts.

Start a Petition

  • The owner could submit a petition if the first caution notification has actually been overlooked. The request permits corresponding disagreements concerning the circumstance in the given hearing can be submitted.

Secure Evidences

  • The court in Houston, Texas is really meticulous regarding the renter legislation and entirely takes choice on proper evidences.
  • Both the management and the lessee have equal rights to provide the evidences whether the tenant has actually paid all the charges punctually and the owner is simply composing points or tenant’s habits was excruciating.

Follow Expulsion Orders

  • If the court permits the owner to evict the renter after that it is the renter’s responsibility to leave the area within the provided time.
  • The landlord is not permitted to deprive the renter of any type of utility within that time duration.

Carry on a Forceful Eviction if needed

  • If the occupant is not leaving the place even after the court’s order then the landlord can get a WRIT of Possession for the tenant by purchasing the WRIT at the precinct where the case was heard.

Get A Professional Eviction Service

  • The whole treatment is actually time consuming and complex so many lawyers provide eviction services for such cases, the services include all the information from creating the notice to vacate,  to file a request and representing the landlord on his behalf in court hearings.
  • The expert help is certainly required in these cases as the whole process can be really challenging and can become overwhelming to most landlords. In some cases, if the situation gets out of hand the landlord can be on a disadvantage as there are rules that also support the rights of lessees.

Overall. The eviction process that is supplied is for those landlords who are tired of long and hectic process in evicting a renter. These landlords hire professional services, like us, to help them out to go through the eviction process and represent them in court.